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Miracle Munchies now being served at
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Customer Comments

We sampled your bread at the farmers market in Tucson AZ.a few weeks ago,and took some mixes home to Corr ales,NM Both were fantastic!!Not gritty from the brown rice flour. Best we've ever found.I'm ordering more, they are delicious, Thank-you for creating them!
Mary Sue Walsh - New Mexico

Simply Scrumptious Sandwich bread is the best gluten free sandwich bread I've ever tasted. It's moist and flavorful!!

Banana bread mix is a delicious treat! I put the batter into a muffin pan instead of a loaf pan and in less then 30 minutes. I had lovely banana muffins! They were not grainy like most gluten-free products and they have just the right amount of sweetness. Not to much!

The chocolate pieces in the Chocolate Cake Mix keeps the cake moist and makes it 1000 times better than most gluten free goodies. Miracle Munchies is definitely the right name for your business! It's a miracle to find such moist, delicious gluten free fare. Thank you…
Laura F. - New Jersey

What a great Thanksgiving we had last year all due to Miracle Munchies Heavenly Herb bread mix. I used it for my bread stuffing and it was fantastic!!! Everyone loved it. Even those who didn't have to have eat gluten-free. I'll be ordering it every year from now on. Thank you Miracle Munchies for making such a wonderful product.
Mary - San Diego

I received the Gluten-Free German Apple Bread, Muffin or Bar Mix as a birthday gift from my Dad. What a treat! It's so easy to put together - because Miracle Munchies makes it easy! The mix makes an extremely moist and absolutely delicious loaf of bread. It has the perfect amount of sweetness - not too rich, yet not too bland. This is "comfort food" as its best - whether you have special dietary needs or not.
Deb - Dayton, Ohio

The mixes at Miracle Munchies are outstanding! I tried my first mix, the Gluten-Free German Apple Bread and I was hooked. As it was cooking, I remarked to my husband "This is the first gluten free food that actually smells good when it's cooking." But even better than that was the taste- it was the most delicious gluten free baked-good that I have ever tasted.The texture was perfect and I'd eat this even if I wasn't restricted to eat gluten-free food. I love the Breakfast Bread too, and every time I visit I try more and more delicious treats. I am also allergic to dairy and eggs and these mixes work great with the alternatives I need to use. I have tried numerous gluten free baking mixes and nothing compares to Miracle Munchies. Miracle Munchies makes eating fun again!
Peggy Steffens - Tucson, Arizona

Miracle Munchies, hands down is the by far the best gluten-free breads and products on the market. My family has been gluten free for two years now and we started with the store bought pre made breads (all of them) and found most of them to be completely un-eatable. Then I discovered the mixes from other markets and tried all the brands I could find. THen I took to the internet and ordered everything gluten free that I could find and finally one day ran into Miracle Munchies at St. Philips Plaza Farmers Market.

Mindy has a magic wand. No one I serve the bread to can even tell they're gluten-free. I bring them to parties, I buy several a week. Once Mindy wasn't at the market but told me that New Life on Broadway carried them. I drove all the way across town looking for my Miracle Munchie Bread that day only to discover they were sold out of her products. New life Market on Brodway carries the best selection of gluten-free products in town and I like Miracle Munchies better than all the mixes they carry there.

The Mediterranean bread is a fantastic daily bread, we all enjoy the Breakfast Bread with a nice taste of cinnamon and raisins. The Pumpkin Bread is awesome. Especially if you make the recipe for the frosting for breakfast with my children begging me to share. The textrues of these breads are indeed appropriately named Miracles. I've bought the mixes for gifts for friends, they are delicious and I am so grateful for Mindy's magin in her Miracle Munchies. My kids love her cookies and free samples.
Thank you for all you do for us and all the time you save me. You're products are a true treat for my family.
Sincerely, Karen Quigley - Tucson, AZ

I couldn't have imagined anything this good for you could taste even better than all the other stuff out there that's NOT so good for you! And on top of that, these mixes are an absolute breeze to prepare. We especially love the Belgian Waffle Mix and the Breakfast Bread. You're right -- your Breakfast Bread makes the best French toast we've ever tasted. We're grateful to you, Mindy, for creating such a wonderful, healthy, incredibly enjoyable mixes! Thanks to you the world is now a much better place!
Lani - Tucson, AZ

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